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15 March 2016

How Volunteer Scotland is taking small but meaningful steps to reduce our resource use.

Resource -Efficient -Cleaner -Production1Well let’s start with an easy thing, what do I mean when I say resources? 

It’s easy, it’s everything we use! From the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep we are consuming resources – in fact even when we’re sleeping stuff still runs, ticks, hums and works. So to take a leaf from the experts; Resource Efficient Scotland defines resources as energy, water, waste and raw materials. The big problem, no in fact, the huge problem is that we only have a certain amount of resources left and if we keep using the resource like we are just now we will need three planets worth of materials just to satisfy our current needs. 

Over the last few months we’ve been working hard to look at what resources we’ve been using and where we can reduce our use. In one way it’s really easy, by removing all our desk bins and clearly labelling our waste bins we reduced the amount of waste going directly to landfill by 60%. But in another way it’s really difficult, as we’re trying to change habitual behaviour of our staff and volunteers. So to help us on our way we hosted an Environmental Policy workshop where our staff could feed directly into this change of working. Yes I could have “printed one of the net” and emailed it round but, well, that’s just pointless! 

Bronze Pledge LogoWe’re really chuffed to have been awarded a Resource Efficiency Bronze Pledge for our hard work and recognition of our move toward reducing our resource use.  Don’t get me wrong we still have a long way to go and we’re pushing ourselves by going for the Silver Pledge. Yes we are “Going for Gold” and as Henry Kelly said “ladies and gentleman will you please follow me”. Now I know I’m showing my age here but if you’re passionate about your community, care about the health of our country and want to help reduce our effects on our environment then get involved here.

So rather than ending this with a bang, I want to end it with a switch off. So just remember with Earth Hour falling on 8:30pm, 19 March this year what better way to highlight how if we make small but meaningful steps we all can make a difference.


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