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5 October 2017
Blog, October, 2017, Matthew Linning, For Volunteers, For Organisations, Research, National, Research

Only 11% of Scotland’s sick and disabled volunteered in 2016, a shockingly low figure compared to the adult participation rate of 27%. What does this mean for an inclusive and fairer Scotland?

5 June 2017
Blog, 2017, June, Research, Practice, For Organisations

Vikki from the University of Stirling (as part of a cross organisational team) has recently completed a 3 year study into the role of volunteers in dementia care. This blog provides a very useful overview of their findings.

10 March 2017
Blog, March, 2017, For Volunteers, For Organisations, Research

In this blog post, James Davies, final year PhD student at the University of Strathclyde, shares some of the key findings from his research and highlights some important implications.

13 February 2017
Blog, February, 2017, For Volunteers, For Organisations, Research

Louise Macdonald, Chief Executive at Young Scot provides her views on Youth Volunteering and draws on our latest Young People in Scotland volunteering survey.

3 February 2017
Blog, February, 2017, For Volunteers, For Organisations, Research

Brian Scott, Development Manager at Glasgow Disability Alliance (GDA) provides his take on Volunteer Scotland's latest Young People in Scotland volunteering survey. While welcoming the research findings GDA also raise some important questions.

3 February 2017
Blog, January, 2017, For Volunteers, For Organisations, Matthew Linning, Research

52% of Scotland’s young people volunteered in 2016, nearly double the adult rate of 27%. Matthew Linning explores what’s gone right and is there a lesson to draw?

20 September 2016
Blog, 2016, September, Gemma Jackson, Research

Is employer-supported volunteering (ESV) really volunteering in its truest sense?

5 September 2016
Blog, For Organisations, Research, 2016, September, Alan Stevenson

The Scottish Government have released the results of the latest Scottish Social Attitudes Survey 2015. The Scottish Social Attitudes Survey (2015) is an annual survey which explores the level of Social Capital in Scotland. This year's survey adds to our current understanding of the factors influencing civic and volunteering participation.

14 July 2016
Blog, Matthew Linning, July, 2016, Research

You may have been there – the pressure to produce authoritative research on a sector suffering from survey fatigue, funding problems and a million and one other distractions.

25 November 2014
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Our latest research on volunteering participation reminds me of an old quote by Mark Twain...