Scottish Scouts, 35th International Patrol Jamborette

25 July 2016

Does the words, adventure, international, fun, learning, friendship, excitement, memories make you feel good?

Jambourette2Well the Scottish Scouts are walking the talk on all of them at the 35th International Patrol Jamborette on right now in the grounds of Blair Atholl castle. The first one , immediately after the second world war in 1946 was inspired by Mr Jack Stewart International Commissioner for Scotland and based on setting up a ‘double’ patrol site that allowed for overseas scouts to join  in with a lot less equipment etc. It ahs flourished since then!

I was an honoured guest of Camp Chief Andrew Sharkey during visitors day on Saturday and saw at first hand the wonderful array of countries participating and a spirit of camaraderie that you wish could be bottled.

Of course, the scout movement is founded on volunteering and it was great to see how the Scouts, male and female,  have adapted to changes and involve volunteers in a much more flexible and  responsive way. The camp even has its own currency ‘The Atholl’ , and I spent 8 of them on a selection of activities and food, including Canadian doughnut and maple syrup- which should be added to the  list of feel good words above.

Well done Scotland Scouts- and 1500 scouts from all over- and good luck with everything.

Video above is from the official Blair Atholl Jamborette facebook page. (Scouts singing Imagine) Check out more from the weekend here.

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