Politicians urged to take a pledge for volunteering

22 June 2016

Interesting to read that volunteering rates are also falling in Australia and that politicians have been asked to sign a pledge along familiar lines.


Its especially rewarding in Scotland that our MSP’s and Westminster MP’s are acknowledging a leadership role in volunteering. We all know that volunteering brings positive benefits and that we need to be proactive in bringing about a growth.
Our manifesto is a good starting point, along with direct involvement for politicians in encouraging all kinds of volunteering.  It’s really time to move away from hackneyed ideas of armies of volunteers to a much more person centred and responsive approach . UK research has, for instance, shown that 82% of 16-19 year olds want to volunteer. We must help them all find their own ways in. This is no longer about scarcity- its how we engage our abundance of talent and human capacity. Our political leaders have a vital role to play in this.

Read more from the Third Sector Australia article here: https://third-sector.com.au/42396-2/ 

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