Momentum of change is growing

6 December 2015

Here’s the video we created for the Carnegie Challenge about building an Enabling State.

Animated GeorgeFor me an enabling State places volunteer participation and the feel good an well being this generates as central to its purpose and obligations.

Let’s put the talents and capacities of our people first and find the ways to connect us and build collective activities of volunteering. We’re crying out for it!
Our Demo project was about creating a volunteer games legacy for Scotland has been gaining momentum and I’ve been using its findings within the Scottish Volunteering Forum and the well presented document Why Volunteering Matters

It’s great to see the Third sector involved in this being committed to addressing the decline in volunteering and challenging the current order.
The current “system” needs a revolution away from a minority sport to becoming the norm for us all to be involved. The case for change is made, it’s time to change, and now let’s make the change!