Keir Thomson

25 November 2015

Why Volunteer

Give a little, get a lot. Volunteering offers huge benefits. You can acquire and improve skills, have fun and make a difference. There are a fantastic variety of opportunities with many organisations all offering a large array of volunteering experiences. Volunteering can benefit in different ways, both for yourself and others. Such as who you’re representing or someone who your work has helped. It can be seen as an investment, for example you receive benefits such as CV improvements, confidence boosts and often learning new skills.Why wouldn’t you?

It's beneficial

As a sixteen year old, I see how beneficial working as a volunteer can actually be. It can kick-start a career and give you great experience that could be vital to you in the future. Volunteer work could easily give you the edge when applying for work, volunteering appearing on a CV will not only impress an employer but also show them that you are a well-rounded individual and interested in other things and people. More often than not, employers will look for volunteering or work experience on a CV.  They value it highly.

It's popular

Nowadays volunteering is becoming much more popular. With over 15.2 million estimated people who volunteer at least once a month. Personally I think that this is a very sensible and rewarding pursuit. You will be rewarded personally by feeling good about what you’ve achieved and also through references, networks and experience.


My conclusion is simple. Why not? There are unlimited opportunities and rewards that will arise. There really is no reason not to. Volunteering if used properly can unlock many doors, and benefit you greatly.


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