In Finland, a Postal Worker Will Mow Your Lawn...

12 July 2016

I like to read News from the US on my iPad and this story from the New York Times caught my eye.


In Finland, a postal Worker will mow your lawn (see link). I love it- simple, creative and once pointed out it makes perfect sense. I’m thinking that our world of volunteering has some similarities. Not so much about earning a fee- but about mutual help and support.

17wit _finland -postal -master 768

Increasingly we hear about company employees calling elderly isolated to check on them or folk driving an infirm person to and from hospital. You also have more apps now helping connect people in reciprocal communities- I especially like the volunteerNet circle of volunteer support in Edinburgh Council helping out carers. A little bit of imagination and job done!

Read the full story on the New York Times here.

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