Exploring Research

13 March 2014

Exploring Research Series

Exploring Research

Next week sees the launch of our brand new Exploring Research Series. This set of free online sessions will look at key research of interest to anyone supporting volunteers. We’ve spent a bit of time looking at what is out there and have chosen some really interesting topics for our first lot.

Kicking it off we will be looking at a very interesting piece of research from Volunteer Canada called Building the Bridge which looked at the volunteer experience. We’ve had a read through it and got us talking a lot about what we see the parallels between Scotland and Canada so we thought we would share it with you.

Second we will be exploring a bit of a hot-topic, micro-volunteering. Since the Institute of Volunteering Research produced their report The Value of Giving a Little Time there has been a lot of buzz about how we can make the most of this type of volunteering. The Guardian’s Voluntary Sector Network recently wrote a blog post and there has been more discussion elsewhere so we felt this was an ideal piece of research to discuss.

Next up we’re going to be looking at the results of our very own Volunteering in Charities Survey through the lens of volunteer roles and what is better; to have specific or generic roles.

Last but definitely not least we will be looking at volunteering and employability. This is obviously a huge area of interest at the moment so we won’t labour the point but what we will say is that the session will look at lots of different bits of research to try and answer the question does volunteering improve your employability. 

For more information on the series, including dates and how to sign up, please check out our Exploring Research Series page.

Iain Delworth | Volunteering Services Manager



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