"Ambassadors for the human race"

12 July 2016

Mel Young President of the Homeless World Cup addressed an audience of supporters in the Glasgow City Chambers next to the George Square venue for the 2016 Homeless World Cup.

RomaniaHe said that the players were “ambassadors for the human race” – words that will live with me. The women and men making up over 60 country 5 a side football teams are a testimony to our humanity and its quite wonderful to be able to be fan from the terrace and cheer them on, along with other teams and players (see Romanian players supporting the Mexican and Norway women’s teams).

I’ve heard Mel speak before about the dynamic of being a player in the team, being supported, having positive media, and having such a positive story to tell.  All combining into extraordinary outcomes for those involved.

Mel Ghwc

In my own journey about volunteering the Homeless World Cup is another very strong example about the inter play between mutual support (players/fans), formal volunteers (coaches/ administrators, event volunteers), and democratic involvement. 

Every Homeless World Cup is held in a City Square – a political message that the homeless are normally moved out for big events. This is a movement to do something positive about 100 million homeless in the world.
In this case the town square belongs to them...and like the famous song-Glasgow too!.

Good luck to all the players and teams and for a brilliant World Cup here in Scotland.

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