9 December 2013
Blog, Zoe MacGregor, 2013, December, Practice, For Organisations

I’ve been speaking to a number of organisations recently who have raised some interesting points around evaluating volunteering. One volunteer manager mentioned that they’re good at asking people to complete evaluation forms at the end of everything they deliver, but they’re not really sure about what to do with the information...

5 December 2013
George Thomson, Blog, 2013, December, For Volunteers

Before looking for volunteers we must first describe the need and have a clarity of vision and shared purpose about the beneficiary and how the volunteer can make a difference...

3 December 2013
Blog, 2013, December, Practice, For Organisations

The catchily titled The Multi-Paradigm Model of Volunteering by Nancy Macduff and Mary Merrill describes four types of volunteering: Traditional Volunteering – one we are...

12 November 2013
Blog, James Davies, 2013, November, Research, For Organisations

When I was told that, as a new researcher, I would only be able to attend certain sessions at this years conference, I felt frustrated. The fact I would not be able to listen to the ‘big names’ in my field was disappointing and I felt it would prevent me from getting the most from the event.