Volunteering with Scouts Scotland

2 June 2017

by Katie Docherty, Scouts Scotland Chief Executive

Volunteering plays a massively important role in our society, and the ability to volunteer flexibly is essential in enabling more people to give their time to amazing causes. 

Katie Doch

We have a volunteering opportunity for everyone, no matter how much time you have. And every hour you can spare we can make Scouting bigger and better.

Like many others I volunteer at my son’s Scout group, helping out once every few weeks. My most recent outing was Pancake Night where I helped the children mix their batter - it was certainly the noisiest batter mixing I have ever experienced!  No training necessary and not very time consuming.

I’m also joining the group’s executive committee and will be taking up that position next month. For this role I had to do an online training module. It was really quick, it only took an hour from start to finish. And the time commitment isn’t huge either, about four meetings every year.

Potential volunteers often ask me what sets Scouting apart? My answer is that the skills that young people pick up while they are Scouts change their lives.

Every volunteer makes a difference, whether you lead a group on an adventure in the wilderness or support the group behind the scenes to make those experiences happen. You can see wholeheartedly the difference your time makes every single week.

The challenge for us is that we now need more volunteers than ever before.  We have a long list of young people waiting to join and benefit from what we offer, but we need more volunteers.  I’m a busy mum, I understand the pressures there are on people today.  But I also see directly the benefit that Scouting has on my son, and on many thousands of young people across Scotland, so I would really encourage people to consider if they can help us to improve lives.

For more information about how you can volunteer with Scouts Scotland, check out our website – www.scouts.scot


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