Volunteering on the ledger pt.1

19 December 2018

Volunteer Scotland, the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Design Informatics and Northumbria University, have been running a series of workshops to explore the opportunities of blockchain technology. 

These unique research events are designed to shape an innovative and emerging technology towards the practical needs and aspirations of volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations.

A small group of organisations have so far joined us to discuss how blockchain technology can solve key challenges and create new forms of value within the sector. 

The first workshop explored Identity Management and more specifically;

  • Considered what is most important around volunteers’ identity
  • Envisioned a basis for data portability: what if volunteers could ’own’ and permit use of some or all of their identity data?
  • Discussed potential implications for organisations - and the wider sector
  • Proffered collaborative ideas, supported by proven design methods

Please read our report from this initial workshop (opens as a pdf)

Sounds interesting but what is Blockchain? Please check out these overview links:

The second of our workshops has explored Alternative Currencies. We’ll publish this report early in 2019. 

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