Going through the phases

10 July 2020

As we continue to ease the lockdown restrictions we will provide a regular Round Up of the latest advice.  

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon announced on 9th July unlocking a first range of measures in Phase 3 (of a 4 phase route map) which will see us further ease restrictions on citizens, workplaces (and volunteering). Several updates on the remaining Phase 3 changes have taken place since then.

Note: 22nd of September update included the following changes:
'Tightened restrictions focus on no household visits and a 10pm closing time for all hospitality settings.' More detailed information available on Scottish Government website here.

Please ensure you review the exemptions for your voluntary organisation or service.

The latest Phase 3 announcements

The First Minister has indicated the easing of a range of measures which includes:

(from 31st August) 

  • Gyms (indoor) – following guidance.
  • Swimming pools following guidance.
  • Indoor sports courts – including skating and dance studios – subject to relevant guidance:
    • Children (under 12): All activity
    • Adults and Young People (12 plus): Non-contact only.
  • Indoor activities for children and young people (unregulated) – following guidance which will vary by activity.

(from 24th August)

  • Organised outdoor contact sports – all ages – following the guidance of relevant sports bodies.
  • Certain outdoor live events (involving open space or organised seating) with physical distancing and restricted numbers – subject to guidance.
  • Driving lessons can resume – following guidance
  • Child contact centres – following guidance.
  • Face-to-face advice services can resume – following guidance.
  • Bingo halls (with physical distancing and following guidance).
  • Amusement arcades and casinos following guidance (incl. enhanced hygiene).
  • Snooker/pool halls, indoor bowling – following guidance (incl. enhanced hygiene).
  • Funfairs – static and travelling – following guidance.

(from 22nd July)

  • Other personal retail services such as beauticians and tailors can re-open – with enhanced hygiene measures.

(from 15th July)

  • Places of worship can re-open for congregational services, communal prayer and contemplation with physical distancing and limited numbers.
  • Museums, galleries, monuments, libraries, various other visitor attractions, cinemas (including drive-ins and venues screening films) – with physical distancing and other measures (e.g. ticketing in advance).
  • Hairdressers and barbers can re-open – with enhanced hygiene measures.
  • All childcare providers can open subject to individual provider arrangements.
  • Indoor hospitality can reopen (subject to physical distancing rules and guidance).
  • Easing of restrictions on attendance at funerals, marriage ceremonies and civil partnership registrations with physical distancing (limited numbers). Associated receptions are subject to restrictions on hospitality and household meetings.

(from 13th July)

  • Non-essential shops inside shopping centres can re-open (following guidance and with physical distancing).
  • Organised outdoor contact sports, play and physical activity can resume for children and young people under 18 (subject to guidance).
  • Face-to-face youth work can resume outdoors (following relevant guidance).

(from 10th July)

  • Mandatory face coverings in shops and other retail (already mandatory on public transport).
  • Outdoors – a household can meet up to 4 other households at a time – up to 15 people in total.
  • Indoors – a household can meet up to 2 other households at a time – up to 8 people in total. This includes overnight stays.
  • A household can meet up to 4 other households per day in total.
  • Children aged 11 or under no longer need to physically distance indoors. Young people aged 12-17 must continue to physically distance.

(from 6th July)

  • Outdoor hospitality (subject to physical distancing rules and public health advice)

(from 3rd July)

  • Travel distance limit relaxed
  • Self-catering accommodation and second homes (without shared facilities) permitted
  • Children under 12 are not required to maintain physical distancing with other children or adults outdoors
  • For 12-17 yr olds there is no limit to the number of groups (of no more than 3 households and 8 people at a time) that a young person can meet in a day 

(from 29th June)

  • Non-essential indoor non-office based workplaces resume once relevant guidance agreed – including factories & warehouses, lab & research facilities
  • Previously closed small retail units can reopen with physical distancing
  • Zoos and garden attractions can open for local access only (broadly within 5 miles until 3rd July when travel restrictions are eased)
  • Reopening of playgrounds and sports courts
  • Outdoor markets can open with physical distancing, hygiene measures and controls on numbers of people within market
  • Registration offices open for high priority tasks
  • Allow marriages and civil partnerships and other types of ceremonies to take place with minimal number of attendees - outdoors only
  • Relaxation of restrictions on housing moves

(From 18th June)

  • A resumption of (some) professional sport (behind closed doors)
  • The opening of places of workshop (for individuals only)
  • Dentists are now open for urgent procedures 
  • Meetings outside have been expanded to up to 2 households that can meet at a time and on one day (with an inside toilet now able to be used)
  • Those living alone or a single parent with kids under 18 can form extended household groups, and 
  • Those shielding can now take exercise (including non-contact activities) such as playing golf.  

Other measures including the lifting of restrictions around Live events (outdoors) – with physical distancing and restricted numbers - will not take place until after 31st July.

How is the easing of the lockdown affecting your volunteering programme? Please contact hello@volunteerscotland.org.uk using the subject line ‘Roundup’.


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