Everyone Benefits From Volunteering

3 May 2018


Volunteering is a positive way to contribute and gain for all involved.

I became involved as a volunteer after my son told me about a CommUnity Bubble (Conversation Salon) meeting he had attended as part of the Get Connected project.

I really liked the idea of reconnecting with my neighbours as there used to be a neighbourhood committee many years ago. We are hearing more and more about how damaging isolation and loneliness is and how it can affect all aspects of our health, so I was keen to become a volunteer to try and help improve our community connections within Chapelle Crescent in Tillicoultry (Scotland).

Marie Collage

Get Connected Scot logoSince the initial meeting, a neighbour has approached me to praise the efforts of my son to start-up something in the community again…they even invited me around for a coffee which I’m looking forward to taking them up on. There have also been lots of waves and greetings from other neighbours which feels good. The CommUnity Bubble in action!!

Click here to find out more about the Get Connected project.