#everydayinclusion: MAKING THE HASHTAG A REALITY

27 September 2019

Gün Orgun from the Scottish Refugee Council shares her views as part of our series on inclusion.

I welcome refugeesHappy National Inclusion Week 2019 everyone! A great opportunity to promote and celebrate inclusion. So how can we translate this year’s hashtag, #everydayinclusion into action and work towards a culture change that makes inclusion a daily reality?

Volunteering seems to me a great place to start for a drive towards greater inclusiveness. The ask is there. As Volunteer Development Coordinator at Scottish Refugee Council, I am often approached by volunteer applicants who are looking for that first step into being included in a community, a new country, a working environment or a potential new circle of friends and colleagues.

It seems to me that volunteering, by its very nature, should be inclusive, encouraging, communal, egalitarian, open to all – this is unfortunately not universal practice.

I’d like to believe, however, that this is not due to a lack of goodwill. I think my fellow volunteering professionals in charities and public sector organisations across Scotland would like to be more inclusive, if they had the information, tools and tips to make it possible and practical.

For the past couple of years, Scottish Refugee Council, alongside a group of fellow voluntary sector organisations, have been working with Volunteer Scotland to encourage greater inclusion in volunteering.

If you are a volunteer manager or coordinator with a busy inbox and a full diary (does that sound familiar?), and you would like practical guidance for embedding inclusiveness in your volunteering programme, we are your people. Have a look at our ‘Top Tips’ guidance sheets for inclusiveness in volunteering – they are short, to the point, and they will help.

We have produced the following top tips already, and more are on the way. Any questions, just get in touch, and let’s talk.

The National Inclusion in Volunteering Group coordinated by Volunteer Scotland has produced a series of Top Tips for Inclusion.