Can I volunteer right now if I don't have a PVG?

4 May 2020

Many of you have asked us about how PVG checks affect you volunteering right now. We've answered some your questions.

Q. I haven’t had a PVG check and I am not volunteering for an organisation. I am helping vulnerable people in my community, is is ok for me to do that if I don't have a PVG?

A. Yes, it's fine for you to carry on volunteering and helping people in your community without a PVG, even if it's with vulnerable people. More details on this can be found in the FAQs section on this page.


Q. I want to be a telephone/online befriender but I don’t have a PVG, does that matter? Will the organisation reject my application? 

A. Not having a PVG check won't stop you from applying for volunteering roles.  Not everyone needs a PVG check and if the organisation needs you to have a PVG check done, they'll ask you to fill in the form as part of their recruitment process.

Need more information?

Join us at 12.30pm every Thursday on Zoom to ask a member the Training and Compliance team more of you PVG related questions. Full details available here.

We have also provided more detailed PVG and Coronavirus information here.