5 December 2016
Blog, George Thomson, 2016, December

Today is International Volunteer Day and an opportunity to recognise the global nature of voluntary action.

18 November 2016
Blog, George Thomson, 2016, November

#iwill is a great volunteer pledge full of possibilities. It’s inspiring and challenging. Before making it you might first say; I'm willing!

12 October 2016
Blog, 2016, October, Jessica Lightfoot

As part of our Volunteer Management–The Essentials training we ask participants about the benefits and challenges of involving volunteers in our organisations.

10 October 2016
Blog, 2016, October

27th September Volunteer Scotland hosted a Strictly Volunteering Networking session and AGM. We've provided some summary findings from more than 370 post-it note comments by participants.

5 October 2016
Blog, 2016, October, For Volunteers, National, Environment and Animals, Arts and Culture, Local Community, Guest Blog

Ever wanted to know more about the place you live or work? Should more people hear about its unique story? Or are you (and others) striving to bring more people to visit that place? You could join thousands who are telling the missing stories of Scotland’s towns and cities.

30 September 2016
Blog, George Thomson, 2016, September

This week saw the publication of the SHS research findings of the state of volunteering in Scotland.

20 September 2016
Blog, 2016, September, Gemma Jackson, Research

Is employer-supported volunteering (ESV) really volunteering in its truest sense?

12 September 2016
September, 2016, News, Blog, Disclosures Latest

We shared some 'updates and reminders' in with our Disclosure Services customers recently.Read through the Newsletter here.

5 September 2016
Blog, For Organisations, Research, 2016, September, Alan Stevenson

The Scottish Government have released the results of the latest Scottish Social Attitudes Survey 2015. The Scottish Social Attitudes Survey (2015) is an annual survey which explores the level of Social Capital in Scotland. This year's survey adds to our current understanding of the factors influencing civic and volunteering participation.

23 August 2016
Blog, George Thomson, 2016, August

The London 2012 Games, and Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games were both phenomenal volunteer successes. Its a real concern from media reports that not all is well with the Rio volunteer programme...