3 December 2014
Zoe MacGregor, Blog, Practice, 2014, December, Training, For Organisations

In my earlier blog, ‘The impact of evaluating volunteering’ I asked two questions; What are we trying to measure? And who are we doing this measuring for?

28 November 2014
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We have made a few important changes for completing application forms

25 November 2014
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Our latest research on volunteering participation reminds me of an old quote by Mark Twain...

21 November 2014
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While we didn't awake to an independent Scotland on the 19th September, we certainly awoke to...

17 November 2014
Jessica Lightfoot, Blog, 2014, November, Training, Practice, For Organisations

We all know what it’s like to join a new organisation, either as a volunteer or a member of staff; there’s loads to learn and sometimes it can take a while to understand everything you need to know.

19 October 2014
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Never attend a conference where you have family! With Sheffield home to a large clan of relations - introducing your work colleagues to Aunties, Cousins and various friends could be a treat... or not.

29 September 2014
Blog, Gemma Jackson, 2014, September, Research, For Organisations

I’m happy to report that the Voluntary Sector and Volunteering Research Conference was one of the best...

29 September 2014
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My highlights from 2 days where I got to think, learn and reflect on new research...

21 August 2014
Blog, Jessica Lightfoot, 2014, August, Practice, Training, For Organisations

We often talk about how communication is crucial to building effective relationships with volunteers and supporting them fully in their roles, but perhaps we need to talk about how many volunteers one person can manage at a time...

20 August 2014
Blog, Volunteer Story, Arts and Culture, Event volunteering, Local Community, 2014, August, For Volunteers, Zoe MacGregor

Our own Cast Member Zoe MacGregor - Learning and Practice Development Officer, recounts her once in a lifetime experiences at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games.