The Volunteering Action Plan

16 May 2022

The Volunteering Action Plan is a collaborative project led by Scottish Government developed from the Volunteering For All: National Framework (published 2019).

VAP Header Image

The Volunteering Action Plan provides 'actions on the ground' through co-production, learning and spirit of reciprocity and will be a living document which will facilitate and enable future actions over the next decade. So far:

  • We've involved 130+ stakeholders: From Scottish Government, local councils, national leadership bodies, volunteer centres, larges charities, grassroots community groups, NHS and other health and social care providers, private sector and funders.
  • We've created 5 working groups: 'Lifelong Engagement', 'Policy Impact', 'Recognition and Celebration', 'Places and Spaces', and 'Inclusive Volunteering'.
  • We've co-produced a Participant Handbook: The handbook is intended to support a more collaborative approach to learning, applying knowledge and producing outputs. It is a live document and as such, it's regularly updated.
  • Hosted 'Lunch & Learn' sessions where we 'unpack' key learning topics such as 'systems mapping'.
  • Established a writing group to look at design of the Action Plan.
  • The Governance Group and Working Group Chairs are looking at stakeholder engagement for the Action Plan.

The launch of the Volunteering Action Plan with take place at SCVO’s The Gathering on 15th June. Keep up to date on the website.