Supporting Communities Safely: new advice

18 May 2020

SCDC and Public Health Scotland have launched a new resource to support community organisations to carry out their vital work safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)  

advice for volsThis free online resource developed by SCDC and Public Health Scotland, features a range of practical information and advice, such as: 

  • How to safely promote an organisation’s services
  • Keeping volunteers safe and fit to provide services
  • How to get help with complex care needs
  • Safely collecting and delivering items
  • How to cook and transport hot meals

In towns and villages across Scotland, community organisations and volunteers are fighting coronavirus and this resource is designed to help them do this as safely as possible.  

Whether groups are starting up, or taking stock of an existing service, following this advice reduces risks of indirect transmission of the virus on packaging or other forms of contact when supporting people in their homes. 

The advice helps those providing services to think how they could break the chains of potential infection from the store to the door. 

"Community groups are feeding and providing social support for thousands of households in some form of isolation because of the virus or the economic hardship it has caused. Most have never done anything like this before. We think this resource will help people think through the issues and provide practical advice to make what they do as safe as possible as the crisis continues." 

Mick Doyle, Head of Programme at SCDC 

Communities and public services working together to make social distancing and self-isolation work is key to how Scotland can beat this crisis, and a great example of vital partnership working.   


Bill Gray, Organisational Lead for Community Development at Public Health Scotland said: 

"This new resource provides up to date and accurate information that will help volunteers, community groups and networks to continue to deliver vital support in the safest way possible. The resource is a timely example of what can be achieved when national bodies and local organisations work together."


Groups will be encouraged to raise questions and shape the advice in future. 


Supporting Communities Safely: resource


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Stay Safe