St Andrews day #OneKindAct

18 November 2019

St Andrew’s Day is an opportunity for those living in Scotland to come together to celebrate some of the shared values that unite us. 

All those living, working, laughing, sharing and loving life in Scotland have much to celebrate and be proud of, but one of the things we are less inclined to shout about is our kindness and fairness. That’s why this year, on 30 November the Scottish Government are encouraging everyone in Scotland to celebrate our national day with one kind act that could make someone’s day.

How can you get involved?


To get involved there are three simple steps:

  • Choose your act of kindness - Whether it’s helping an elderly neighbour or popping into your local food bank with some donations, anyone can make someone’s day this St Andrew’s Day.
  • Do the act – Commit to one kind act and help make someone’s day – no matter how big or small, it will help make a difference.
  • Inspire other acts of kindness – Share your support and inspire others online by using #onekindact and #WeAreScotland this #StAndrewsDay on social media and together we can bring the whole country together through our acts of kindness.

Head to the One Scotland Scottish Government website for more information and partners resources.

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