IVM Day 2020, What's next?

28 October 2020

International Volunteer Managers Day happens every year on 5th November. This year’s theme is simply "What’s Next?"

IVMDay 20_Whats NextThe IVM Day campaign was developed in order to bring recognition to individual Managers of Volunteers and their roles in the mobilisation and support of the world’s volunteers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created challenges on many levels, and those leading the volunteer effort have found themrselves in positions they may have never imagined. It’s our hope that in the lead up to IVMDay 2020, we will continue to have time to reflect on the lessons, challenges and most importantly opportunities that confront us – and we hope that IVMDay 2020 will offer a focal point for volunteering leaders, the world over, to collaborate and consolidate the way forward.

Get involved:

Download the available 'What's Next?' graphics on the IVMDay website and share on social media your thoughts, ideas or plans with the hashtag #IVMDay20