Highlights from Volunteers' Week

10 June 2021

Thank you to everyone that helped up celebrate and thank volunteers this #VolunteersWeekScot.

VWS Thank You Banner

Volunteers’ Week 2021 was a time to say 'Thank You' to all volunteers. We were overwhelmed by the amount of thank messages shared throughout the week via social media. Thank you for getting involved and recognising Scotland's volunteers - past, present and future with us.

Across the 7 days, the #VolunteersWeekScot hashtag was mentioned across social media and the web more than 21K times, reaching over 119 million people worldwide with more than 225K interactions (likes, posts, shares on social media).

More than 11K volunteer subscribers were thanked and on the new Volunteers' Week Scot social accounts, more that 600 of your thank messages were retweeted and over 340 reposted on Instagram. See more stats below.

There were almost 12K interactions with the Volunteers' Week Scot Thank You video on Twitter. View video here.

Below are some of the key stats from this year's campaign:

VWS 2021 Infographic Square

And finally...

While Volunteers' Week may be over for another year, we hope that you’ll continue to recognise and celebrate volunteers for their contributions. With that, we'd like to give one final huge THANK YOU to you for participating in this year’s campaign and making it one of the best yet!