Great British Bubble

20 January 2021

The idea behind the ‘Great British Bubble’ is simple: to share uplifting videos to help us ‘live through lockdown together’. 


These videos will be freely available to anyone who is struggling with the pandemic and the current restrictions.

They are looking to bring together as many volunteer and charitable organisations as possible to contribute and promote where they can.

The aim of each video is to bring a short uplifting message into peoples' homes, whether it's a spoken message, original performance or anything else you can think of. At the heart of GBB is its simplicity; videos can be recorded using a smartphone camera or a similar device and sent via email or online transfer. They are not looking for high-quality video production, just an honest and uplifting message for the rest of the UK!

The video is posted and promoted via the Great British Bubble channels on social media. Contributors videos should be up to approx. 2-3 mins.

Great examples:

  • "What I do to keep positive at home” or "Tips on living through this lockdown"
  • Personal Thank You Message - to your emergency workers, volunteers or anyone who has supported you and your community.
  • Stories and activities that are happening/have happened to help people in your community.
  • An original creative performance (music, literary, comedy).
  • Motivational and positive messages - "we will get through this together"

Please avoid:

  • Any political or controversial statements - GBB is non-political.
  • Any type of paid endorsement or product placement - this is completely a pro-bono initiative.
  • Using any work (eg. music/videos/images) that you do not have permission to use (this is so we avoid Intellectual Property issues!)
  • Videos will be published once a day across Great British Bubble social media channels, and you will be told well in advance when your video is scheduled. 

Key Things to Send Over

  1. 1. Your Video:
    • any format and duration, anything from 20 seconds or so.
    • Send to - ideally at least the day before
  2. Your Video Message Title:
    • Sum up the message in your video in 50 characters or less with spaces.
    • Your Social Profiles/Website - these will be included in your video post.

If you would like to get involved or find out more info contact Rob at and follow Great British Bubble on social media, Twitter/Facebook @BritishBubble, Instagram @GreatBritishBubble, Hashtag #GBBubble