Danish city Aarhus is going to be the European Capital of Volunteering in 2018

7 December 2017

In 2018 Aarhus will be the European Capital of Volunteering. The award is given by CEV (European Volunteer Center) as part of the competition now in its fifth edition.

Volunteer Aarhus2This initiative rewards the municipalities that best promote volunteering at the local level, while fostering collaboration between the European Volunteering Center and partner organizations.

London, Lisbon, Barcelona and in 2017 Sligo (Ireland) previously received this award, given each year to a different European municipality. The city of Aarhus, former European Capital of Culture in 2017, has been rewarded for its great attention to the policy of active citizenship and the strong collaboration between municipality, cultural and social welfare sectors, areas in which volunteers participate in the creation of the political agenda.

The activities planned for 2018 refer to four fundamental principles:legacyof a voluntary culture deeply rooted in Danish society; focus ondiversity, including everyone in the events, despite age, ethnicity, background, occupation and social status; further investment in the theme ofsocial inclusion, with special attention to disadvantaged citizens; the desire to increase and improvecooperationbetween citizens and the municipality.

The opening event of Aarhus European Volunteering Capital 2018 is scheduled for 21st January, followed by an International Conference on Volunteering in the Cultural Sector, organized by the team of Aarhus 2017 Cultural Capital in collaboration with the Volunteering Capital 2018.

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