Covid-19: Helpful links

22 March 2021

It has been a long and difficult journey since we first went into lockdown this time a year ago.

The evidence shows that the restrictions imposed at Christmas have helped to reduce Covid-19 case numbers, but this was only possible thanks to people adhering to the protective measures. To protect progress, the Scottish Government have stated that reopening of society and the economy will be cautious and gradual and informed by the latest evidence and data, not by dates. So, for the time being the message is to continue to be cautious, careful, and patient.

"Though difficult and trying days still lie ahead, better times are now in sight. Let’s stick with it and build a better future, together."

Nicola Sturgeon MSP, First Minister of Scotland from SG Coronavirus Strategic Framework

For now, the 'Stay at home' measures remain in place in mainland Scotland with a review proposed every few weeks.

Helpful links on Scottish Government website:

Stay at home Infographic: Scottish Government provide a quick guide to what you can and cannot do under the Stay at home measure.
View here

Coronavirus local protection levels:
Not all areas of Scotland are under the Stay at Home regulations. Find out the Covid protection level for each local area and get information on what you can and cannot do at each level.
View here

Coronavirus timetable for easing restrictions:
The timetable sets out how and when the Scottish Government plan to lift the current coronavirus restrictions over the coming weeks and month.
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Reminder: To provide voluntary or charitable services is deemed as a reasonable excuse to go out but only if the service cannot be done from your home.