Coronavirus Communications Toolkits from Scottish Government

15 October 2020

The Scottish Government have developed new communications toolkits to reflect the most recent guidance. These resources will be updated as we go through the phases.

16 Day Reset Stakeholder Toolkit

Last updated 13th October 2020

As we are currently in the 16 Day Reset Period, which will run until 25thOctober.  The Scottish Government have created the '16 Day Reset Stakeholder Toolkit' with key messages which will run across TV, radio, Out of Home, digital and social.The toolkit includes:

  • 16 Day Reset campaign video and digital assets – 2 versions: 
    • Central Belt and Non-Central Belt
  • Self-Isolation campaign video, digital and social assets
  • Stop the Spread campaign video, digital and poster assets
  • FACTS campaign video, digital and social assets

 Download 16 Day Reset Stakeholder Toolkit here


Test and Protect – Stage 2 Stakeholder Toolkit

Last updated 14th August 2020

As lockdown in Scotland continues to ease with more restrictions being lifted and the most vulnerable are coming out of shielding, people across the country are being reminded of the role they play in helping to control the spread of coronavirus.

Now more than ever, Test and Protect continues to be critical in helping control the spread of the virus.

The Test and Protect Stage 2 Stakeholder Toolkit includes updated assets to reflect the most recent guidance from Scottish Government.

Download Test and Protect Toolkit here

You can view the latest ads here:


Route Map: Phase 3 Stakeholder Toolkit

Last updated 14th August 2020

The Route Map outlines the Scottish Government's messaging available in relation to Phase 3 guidance.

Scotland’s Route Map through and out of the crisis was published on 21 May and provides an indication of the order in which we will carefully and gradually seek to lift restrictions across four phases.

The guidance includes information on the following:

  • Scotland’s Route Map
  • Phase 3: A Staged Approach
  • We Are Scotland Campaign Introduction
  • Phase 3 Latest Restrictions Assets
  • Phase 3 Retail Assets
  • Phase 3 Back to Work Assets
  • FACTS Protection Campaign Assets

Download Route Map Toolkit here


We Are Scotland Campaign Toolkit

The 'We Are Scotland' campaign was created to help embed a greater sense of collective responsibility in fighting coronavirus. As we move forward through the phases it’s important that we recognise that the virus has not gone away. As businesses start to reopen the Scottish Government wants to ensure that everyone feels supported and is clear of the guidelines in place.  

The 'We Are Scotland' Campaign was developed to show a collective responsibility in fighting coronavirus. The campaign is running alongside the 'FACTS' protection campaign and the 'Test and Protect' campaign, and is live across tv, radio, press, outdoor and digital media.

The 'We Are Scotland' Stakeholder Toolkit is primarily aimed at businesses/services, and includes the following:

  • 'We Are Scotland' campaign information and tv ad
  • FACTS Guidance – including posters and social media assets
  • Retail posters
  • Face covering posters
  • Protection assets
  • Suggested social copy
  • FACTS key messaging
  • Face coverings Q&A

Download We Are Scotland Campaign Toolkit here

Also available, FACTS Information Posters in multiple languages/formats, which can be found in BSL, audio and additional languages.