Change to how we process your PVG applications

30 March 2020

We’ve been working closely with the Disclosure Scotland team on our response to coronavirus (COVID-19). As a result we're making a change to how we process your PVG applications.

VSDS is currently prioritising checks for those who are supporting the country during this time and, as of Wednesday (25th March) we no longer accept paper applications.

On Monday (30 March) a new application template will go live on our website with all the materials you need to continue to submit applications.

The new process

Please note, this process should only be completed by currently registered signatories from our enrolled organisations.

  • you can submit an application via email using the template on our website to the email inbox
    • electronic signatures (typewritten or scanned) from the applicant and signatory will be accepted
  • we will process the application through a priority service
  • Disclosure Scotland will email you a notification of the outcome, prior to receiving the paper certificate in an expedited timeframe
  • when this is not possible there will be two other outcomes
    • you will not receive any advance notification and will have to wait on the paper certificate which will still be in an expedited timeframe
    • you will receive a notification advising that we are unable to prioritise your application at this time and will be unable to give a timescale for completion

If you do not receive a disclosure, either by email or certificate, please do not assume this is because Disclosure Scotland or ourselves are late or have made a mistake. At this time, Disclosure Scotland and VSDS are providing a safeguarding service to ensure the vast majority of applicants can get cleared to help with coronavirus.

Update on support

If you are submitting urgent applications related to coronavirus in the following weeks or have a question for our Helpdesk or Compliance Team please use our dedicated inbox

We are, unfortunately, unable to offer you our Telephone Helpline at this time. Please do not request updates on applications already submitted, we are unable to check on status whilst working remotely. VSDS and DS are now working on priority applications only. 

If you have any other questions, please see the FAQs on our website.

Prioritised roles

As it stands Disclosure Scotland and VSDS has identified this list of prioritised roles:

  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Childcare
  • Social work
  • Social care
  • Prisons and justice
  • Befriending

Whilst we have identified areas for prioritised roles, please note that applications should still only be made for regulated work positions in either paid or voluntary roles.

As the situation develops, the list of prioritised sectors may change as Disclosure Scotland identifies other sectors with roles critical to supporting the nation during this crisis.

Thank you for your patience during this critical time, 


Ewen McMartin
Disclosure Services Manager