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When does sharing lived experience become volunteering?

On the 4th June, the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care, Neil Gray, made a speech to parliament detailing his vision for reform in this sector. Crucially, this work will be underpinned by a government-led national engagement, seeking the views and experiences of people at the heart of these services. He closed his speech by saying ‘our task now centres on listening, and delivery’.

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A Celebration of Volunteering

On Monday, June 3rd, Day 1 of Volunteers’ Week, we hosted a special event at the Barracks Conference Centre in Stirling to commemorate 40 years of Volunteers’ Week and Volunteer Scotland.

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Fair Funding is essential for sustainable volunteering

Volunteers’ Week is upon us and, for the past 40 years, has been a key opportunity to celebrate the contribution of volunteers across the country. Many volunteer-involving organisations will be busy hanging out the bunting, printing certificates, hosting tea parties or recognising the achievements of volunteers on social media.

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VSDS Customer Survey – Results

In early February, we invited our signatories to take part in our Customer Survey, which aimed to assess the service we provided over the past 12 months. We are grateful to everyone who participated as we received an excellent response.

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