About Us

We exist to help you make a difference through volunteering. 

Scotland, more than ever, needs us all to share in the nation’s common good. The potential to bring out the best in us has never been better and we’re supporting you by:

  • recognising the need for volunteers and demonstrating how this makes a difference
  • understanding what volunteers and volunteer involving organisations want to do 
  • making volunteering easy for everyone, so that more people volunteer and have a great time


We are the only national centre for volunteering

We receive funded support from the Scottish Government and others to:

  • research, demonstrate and measure the impact made by volunteers
  • develop skills through training and useful volunteer development tools, policies and guides
  • offer a one stop digital gateway to anyone looking for volunteer opportunities
  • support organisations to advertise volunteer opportunities and events online
  • provide an expert disclosure service for voluntary organisations
  • promote and grow volunteering through partners, funders, Government, and policy makers
  • work with others to support projects, innovation and creativity in volunteering



Our Board
Richard Jennings (Chair), Angela Mitchell, Elliot Jackson, Emma Cormack, Fiona Watson, Janette Mitchell, Jeanette Gaul, Julie Podet, Kevin Geddes, Narek Bido, Rosie Wylie.

Our Leadership Team
Alan Stevenson, CEO, Adrian Murtagh, Head of Volunteer Practice and Kenneth Stirratt, Head of Corporate Services