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18 January 2017

Cathie Purves is a Scottish Law Accountant/Paralegal from Edinburgh. As well as taking part in a number of Walk the Walk challenges, Cathie has volunteered at The MoonWalk Scotland every year since 2007...

I first heard about The MoonWalk events when I read a newspaper article about Walk the Walk’s founder, Nina Barough. She was talking about how she started the charity, and I decided I would like to help. I’ve now been volunteering at The MoonWalk events for 10 years.

I really wanted to support Walk the Walk, and volunteering at The MoonWalk Scotland only means giving up one night of sleep, which is not a lot to ask, when you think of the difference you are making. During the time I’ve been involved with the charity, I have volunteered in a number of roles, including; Route Marshal, handing out medals on the Finish Line, and as Volunteer Tent Team Leader.

Cathie Purves 2

The best thing about volunteering at The MoonWalk Scotland is the people you meet, who go on to become friends. It is really nice to see the same faces who come back to volunteer every year. It is amazing how many people travel for miles to offer their support.

The Walk the Walk team from Head Office are so welcoming and committed to their work, and we all come together as one big team on the night.

At the event you meet so many different people - those that have been through breast cancer, men and women who are going through treatment, and those that have lost loved ones to cancer, as well as plenty of other fantastic fundraisers who simply just want to have fun!

It really is a humbling experience being amongst so many wonderful individuals. As well as volunteering, I’ve taken part in a number of challenges for Walk the Walk. A close friend of mine passed away from breast cancer quite recently, and that kept me going as I Power Walked the Great North Run.

One of my funniest memories of volunteering at The MoonWalk Scotland was when I had to drive one of the ‘Bra-Mobiles’ to a city centre shop in Edinburgh to pick up some mannequins for the event. When we were carrying the naked mannequins to the car we got stopped by police asking what we were doing! Once they saw the car and our bra t-shirts they understood, and we managed to avoid a parking ticket!

One of my most memorable moments of my time as a volunteer is being on stage, representing all the volunteers helping at the event. I felt a real sense of pride and achievement.

It is great to read about the breast cancer causes that Walk the Walk supports, and the difference it is making keeps me motivated to keep coming back, year after year. One of the great things about The MoonWalk Scotland is that most of the money raised from the event benefits projects within the country.

Volunteering at The MoonWalk Scotland is inspirational, exciting, worthwhile, and good fun. Giving your time, energy and encouragement as a volunteer is invaluable for the event to be a success, and every hour you can donate makes a huge difference. Don’t worry if you are unable to be on your feet all night- there will be something to suit your needs and abilities, and at the end of it all you will get a great big Walk the Walk hug.

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Volunteer registration for The MoonWalk Scotland 2017 is now open! You can sign up to volunteer at any of the 3 available shifts below. The MoonWalk Scotland will take place in Edinburgh on the 10th-11th June.

MoonWalk Scotland Shift 1
MoonWalk Scotland Shift 2
MoonWalk Scotland Shift 3
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