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15 December 2017
Document, Research, 2017, December

We’ve been exploring OSCR’s Charity Survey to see what interesting insights it can provide into volunteering in the charity sector.

28 June 2017
Document, Research, Research

Volunteer Scotland produced a draft report in December 2016 outlining its findings on participation rates for formal volunteering across the UK. This Final Report reflects the helpful feedback we received and puts forward specific conclusions and recommendations.

1 March 2017

Benefits of Volunteering - James Davies PhD (Summary). Young People’s Views on the Benefits of Volunteering in Areas of Multiple Deprivation.

21 September 2016
Research, Research

Summary report to inform the case for including a volunteering indicator in the Scotland Performs National Performance Framework to act as a proxy measure for community engagement and social cohesion in Scotland.

6 July 2016
Tools and guides, Research

Would you like to put a financial value on your volunteers contribution? This simple step by step guidance will help you to do just that.

22 April 2016
Research, Research

Spirit of 2012 provided funding of £75k to support a programme entitled ‘Casting On’. Its objective was to maximise the volunteering legacy from the 2014 Cast volunteers. The objective of this report is to present the monitoring and evaluation evidence from the 'Casting On' programme.

4 November 2015
Research, Research, Type of publication (P&R)

This report was produced by Volunteer Scotland, with input from the Third Sector Research Forum, to try and better understand the benefits of inclusive volunteering.

25 November 2014
Research, Research

Provides data tables for all charts within presentation report.

25 November 2014
Research, Research, Document

Provides technical information on the methods, sampling and definitions used.

11 September 2014
Research, Research, Local Community

Understanding differences in volunteering participation across urban/rural areas and socio-economic characteristics e.g. income levels. Paper for the Voluntary Sector and Volunteering Research Conference 2014.