Data Matters

Using data to develop volunteering in your area 

Data has the potential to help improve the design and delivery of services. Understanding your community, what their needs are, and the potential for community involvement can be essential in developing volunteering in your area. 

The Data Matters project was funded by AQMeN (Applied and Quantitative Methods Network), and led by Dr. Alasdair Rutherfor from Stirling University in partnership with us, the Scottish Charity Regulator and Ipsos MORI. It provided a fantastic opportunity for 8 practitioners from third sector organisations to develop their skills to work with local level volunteering data and use this data to improve volunteering in their area. 

We are producing a range of resources based on the feedback we received from practitioners involved in the project:

  • Many of us have lots of data and information but struggle to present it in a compelling and interesting way. Our top tips will help you work through various steps and techniques, and signpost you to a range of practical tools, to help you do just that!


Download our Top Tips for Presenting Data and Research


  • Have you ever wanted to use data or research but weren’t quite sure if it’s good enough quality? Well our top tips will help you to assess data and research. 


Download our Top Tips for Critically Assessing Data and Research


Watch this space! More resources are coming soon.  


Would you like some extra help in understanding and using data and research to develop and improve volunteering? Please do get in touch with Matthew or Gemma.