Volunteering in the Historic Environment

6 June 2016

We’ve carried out a study of volunteering across the historic environment sector on behalf of Historic Environment Scotland. 

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Volunteering in Scotland’s historic environment is on the up, with at least 17,000 people giving up their free time to support the sector in 2015.

Volunteering opportunities are rich and diverse – indeed 46% of organisations who took part in the study were entirely volunteer-run and would not exist without volunteers.

Organisations value the particular skills and expertise that volunteers bring and how they help to generate connections within communities. In depth case study materials also reveals the health and well-being benefits that people can receive through volunteering.  

It is not always easy though – the report sets out a range of barriers and challenges to volunteering. However it also identifies actions to help overcome these including improving awareness of volunteer activities, recruitment tactics and investment in volunteer management.

To find out more, the full report is available here or you can access a summary paper here. Links to the ten Case Studies are listed under 'Documents' to the right.

If you have any insights, views or feedback then we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch.