Presenting a Good News Story on Youth Volunteering

28 September 2016

Volunteer Scotland recently presented to the 'All Party Parliamentary Group for Charities and Volunteering' our views on youth volunteering in Scotland.      

The presentation discussed three key questions: 

  • Why is youth volunteering in Scotland relatively strong compared to adult volunteering? 
  • Why does this early enthusiasm for volunteering decline so dramatically as our young people enter adulthood? 
  • Why is an inclusive approach to youth volunteering so important, yet so difficult?

While we don’t profess to have all the answers we shared with the All- Party group some of the important findings from our research in Scotland and our interpretation.

View > Presentation to All Party Parliamentary Group (opens as .doc, 22KB)

To find out more or to share any insights or feedback please contact: Matthew Linning (Volunteer Scotland). 

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