We help make sure public policy takes account of volunteers' experiences, and the difference volunteering makes to Scottish society.

Public policy plays a critical role in helping create the conditions for volunteering to flourish. But if policy makers don't fully consider the impact policy could have on volunteers and the organisations that involve volunteers then it can have a negative affect. 

Our policy work is built on high quality evidence which helps us formulate persuasive arguments to lead, support and influence the public policy agenda in Scotland.

The Community Empowerment Act is designed to empower community bodies through the ownership of land and buildings, and by strengthening their voices in the decisions that matter to them and volunteering has a strong part to play.

As the national body for volunteering we welcomed the opportunity to participate in the deliberations of the Smith Commission. Our response gives voice to Scotland’s 1.3 million volunteers.

The Scottish Volunteering Forum is a group of organisations passionate about increasing volunteering.