Investing in Volunteers (IiV)

Achieving IiV gives organisations the opportunity to improve, learn and develop practice, and recognises commitment to high quality volunteer management

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What is it all about?

The standards, which are based on good practice principles, cover the four main areas of volunteer management:
  • planning for volunteer involvement
  • recruiting volunteers
  • selecting and matching volunteers
  • supporting and retaining volunteers

How does my Organisation Achieve IiV?

To help organisations achieve the Investing in Volunteers award, the process has been broken down into six steps:
  • host an introductory workshop
  • set up a steering group and prepare the initial self assessment decide how best to meet gaps identified in practice and prepare a development plan
  • complete the work contained in your development plan
  • co-ordinate the assessment visit interviews with selected volunteers, staff and Board members
  • celebrate achievement of the award following appropriate quality assurance processes
To achieve the IiV award, you will require the support of everyone from volunteers to management.

How long does it take?

There is no fixed deadline, but we would normally expect organisations to complete the award within 12 months from registration.

How much does it cost?

The cost for IiV assessment is £1,000 for organisations with up to 50 volunteers. For larger organisation the fees for assessment are tailored to the size of the organisation.
We offer Easy Staged Payment for charities. Please ask for details.

Step in to IiV

If you are not quite ready for the full IiV package, but would like to find out how your organisation's practice matches against the IiV standard we now offer another approach.

Step in to IiV has been designed to encourage organisations to develop their practice - at their own pace and with support.  This is an opportunity to make a start and pay only £300 at this stage.

Find out more?

Register interest at Investing in Volunteers website, when registering you’re not committing yourself, the IiV Manager at Volunteer Scotland will contact you to discuss the process and what IiV could mean for your organisation.

For more information call 01786 479593 or e-mail: