Delivering effective ESV

Good practice in volunteer management is shared between the employer and the volunteer involving organisation. It’s therefore important to agree responsibilities when setting up new ESV opportunities, for example who will cover volunteer expenses?

Volunteer Scotland recognises that there are both benefits and challenges in delivering employer supported volunteering. We can provide support and guidance for employers, employee volunteers and volunteer involving organisations to make sure ESV is effective and meets the objectives of everyone involved.

So what’s the best practice?

We’re creating a network across Scotland for employers and volunteer involving organisations to discuss ESV management and share learning. This will enable us together to develop clear guidelines for best practice in Scotland.

In September 2015, Volunteer Scotland entered into a partnership with SSE to provide support for ESV by learning about ESV in practice and sharing this learning with employers and volunteer involving organisations across Scotland. Find out more about the partnership on our news page.

If you’re interested in joining us as an employer that offers staff time to volunteer or if you’re thinking about starting an ESV programme for your organisation, please contact us.

Investing in Volunteers for Employers

Investing in Volunteers for Employers (IiVE) is the UK quality standard for employers delivering ESV programmes. Through a structured step by step process, Volunteer Scotland can support employers to evaluate current practice, develop new ways of working and celebrate effective ESV. IiVE is designed for any size of company that supports its employees to volunteer and is flexible enough to recognise the full range of volunteering that may be offered by an employer. To find out more about IiVE, please contact us.

The ESV workbook

EVEN Workbook

We also have a workbook available to enable employers and volunteer involving organisations to work together to set up effective ESV opportunities. This workbook was developed by the Employee Volunteering European Network (EVEN) and has been tailored for use in Scotland by Volunteer Scotland.

Volunteer Scotland is a founding member of EVEN. This network was established by the European Volunteer Centre (CEV) to “increase the number of employers and volunteer involving organisations with the capacity and willingness to implement good quality employee volunteering and give greater visibility to these initiatives”.

Through EVEN, Volunteer Scotland has also begun to engage with the UN project Impact 2030, taking a global approach to employer supported volunteering and the social purpose of such activities


Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about the ESV workbook.