We believe that a great volunteer experience not only benefits the volunteer but it helps them make more of a difference.

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Our courses have been developed to help you deliver that great experience by supporting you on your journey to become an outstanding volunteer manager and an inspiring volunteer leader. 

All the courses have been designed to be as practical as possible and are delivered by our outstanding team of experienced trainers. Each one has a passion for volunteering and is committed to making sure you get the most out of your time with us. 

"Thank you for a most enjoyable, thought provoking day. Presentation was excellent and very enabling" - a training delegate

Volunteer Management & Leadership Training

Disclosure Training

  • Volunteer Management – The Essentials - The course will explore everything you need to know about involving volunteers. 
  • Volunteer Management – The Essentials Online Course – Our volunteer management course delivered online via five two hour sessions split over five weeks.
  • Effective Leadership in Volunteering - This brand new two day course explores the importance of effective leadership in volunteering and will give you the tools to implement this for your own organisation.
  • Building Positive Staff and Volunteer Relations -This course gives you the chance to discuss with other volunteer managers the tensions that might arise between staff and volunteer teams.   
  • Managing Event Volunteers - This course gives you all you need to know about managing event volunteers. 
  • Developing a Volunteer Culture - Developing an effective volunteer culture can have real benefits for your organisation and this course helps you plot out the practical steps you need to take to create one. 
  • Developing a Volunteering Strategy - This course will look at the purpose and benefits of developing a strategy specifically for volunteering. 
  • Measuring the Impact of Volunteering - This course will explore what measuring impact means, what you can measure and how to actually do it. 
  • Planning for Volunteering - Volunteering adds value to what the organisation does but is not a free resource. This course will look at what resourcing volunteering needs as well as getting staff buy in.
  • Attracting Volunteers - We all need volunteers but how do we get the right volunteer for the right role? Find out how to do this and create a recruitment strategy during this course.
  • Supporting Volunteers - Support goes beyond simply meeting volunteers regularly, it is about building a positive relationship with volunteers from the start and this course will help you do exactly that.
  • Communicating with Volunteers - Sounds simple but often a challenge for organisations. This course covers all you need to effectively communicate with your volunteers.
  • Motivating Volunteers - People volunteer for different reasons and those reasons change over time. This course looks how at how you can keep volunteers motivated so they keep making a difference.
  • PVG and Signatory training - This full day course provides all you need to know to act as a signatory, with an introduction to the PVG legislation.
  • Referrals and Recruitment - This online course combines with the online courses Signatory Training and Regulated Work to provide a complete package of training on the PVG legislation and its operation for signatories.
  • Regulated Work - This online course combines with the online courses Signatory Training and Referrals and Recruitment to provide a complete package of training on the PVG legislation and its operation for signatories.
  • Signatory - This online course is for people who are, or are about to become, signatories, but do not need to know all the details of the PVG legislation.