Edinburgh Kiltwalk

17 September 2017

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About Edinburgh Kiltwalk

Calling all Kilties! 
We need you! The Royal Bank of Scotland Kiltwalk wouldn’t be possible without the help of our fantastic network of volunteers – The Kilties. Help us raise thousands of pounds for charities and causes all over Scotland, whilst having fun, making friends and creating memorable experiences that will last forever. 

What are Kilties? 
Kilties are Kiltwalk volunteersThe kilts are on, registration is done and the walkers have set off in the highest spirits… 6, 13, and 26 miles later, the going can get tough. We need Kilties to give their support at the events, keep walkers spirits up and create the most enjoyable day possible. All of the work you do, the time you give and effort you put in to makes our events what they are and is always recognised by our staff and our walkers.

Want to get involved? 
So how can you contribute? With nine different roles to choose from, there is something for everyone to get involved in. Every volunteer plays a central part in helping us raise as much money for charities and causes in Scotland as possible. Becoming a Kiltie is a great experience. All of our Kilties receive great training and are fully supported and kitted out in their uniforms on event days. If you have knowledge, experience and enthusiasm then the Kiltwalk needs you!

Volunteer and raise money for a charity you care about. Thanks to Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation, the Kiltwalk is delighted to announce that for every hour contributed by a Kiltie volunteer £1.10 will be donated to their chosen charity!  

How does it work?
When Kilties sign up to volunteerthey simply select a charity to support and for every hour they clock at a Kiltwalk event, The Hunter Foundation will contribute£1.10 to that charity or cause.

The Kilties are already the backbone of every Kiltwalk event – we hope this extra fundraising opportunity will give the Kilties a much deserved boost for all their invaluable hours of volunteering.

Kiltwalk LOGOVolunteers Roles

  • Back Marker Kilties
  • Control Room Kilties
  • Course Zone Kilties
  • Driver Kilties
  • Info Point Kilties
  • Lead Bike Kilties
  • Lead Zone Chieftain
  • Pit Stop Kilties
  • Venue Kilties

Volunteer role descriptions and info available here

I want to volunteer!

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