Referrals and Recruitment - Online

 Referrals Page

This course combines with the online courses Signatory Training and Regulated Work to provide a complete package of training on the PVG legislation and its operation for signatories.

It is also designed as a stand-alone course for people who hold responsibility within organisations for:

  • dealing with instances of harm to children and / or protected adults OR; 
  • the final stages of discipline OR;
  • governance.

This training will cover the following topics: 

  • Engaging staff/volunteers safely
  • What do staff/volunteers need to know
  • understanding 'harm' and 'risk of harm' in relation to the PVG Scheme;
  • referrals, listing and barring – people who are excluded from the Scheme;
  • the legal obligations you are under for making referrals under the PVG Scheme.
  • Resources available

When will it run?

  • Wednesday 22nd March 2017
  • Wednesday 5th April 2017
  • Friday 5ht May 2017
  • Monday 5th June 2017
  • Tuesday 4th July 2017
  • Thursday 3rd August 2017
  • Wednesday 6th September 2017
  • Wednesday 4th October 2017
  • Wednesday 15th November 2017