For organisations getting started

Disclosure Services is funded by the Scottish Government to support the voluntary sector with processing disclosure checks

We'll help you get started, process your forms and provide advice, guidance and training. All of this support is free but some disclosure checks must be paid for.

Who can enrol?

Organisations can only access disclosure records (standard, enhanced or PVG scheme) through a "registered body". Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services is such a body. 

You must:

  • be a voluntary sector organisation;
  • be involved with work which meets the requirements for disclosure checking;
  • appoint a 'lead person';
  • agree to abide by the Code of Practice published by Disclosure Scotland;
  • have a written policy on handling disclosure information;
  • work with us to make sure that all the processes are in place.

We'll support you to make sure that all of this is made clear and simple.

How to get started

Is there an alternative?

If you feel that your organisation can't meet all the requirements you might be able get support from a larger organisation known as an 'intermediary body'. Get in touch to discuss this with our Enrolment Team and they will be able to help you.