Retrospective Checking

16 February 2015

Retrospective checking is coming to an end - you must ensure your volunteer/paid staff are appropriately disclosure checked.

If you have volunteers/paid staff members who have been in post prior to the introduction of the PVG scheme on 28 February 2011, they need to undertake a PVG Scheme check for your group as the old style Disclosure was not automatically carried over to the new scheme.

If you have volunteers/paid staff members who are already members of the PVG Scheme with another organisation, they still require to complete an Existing PVG Member application form. It is important that each volunteer/paid staff member completes the initial application to join the scheme but then always completes an existing member application when they start new work in another organisation (when they are carrying out regulated work). Disclosure Scotland require all employer details for each individual and will notify all employers if an individual is considered for listing in the future.

It is therefore really important that you are aware of how many disclosure checks you require to complete before the end of October 2015 and ensure enough time for these to be submitted for processing.

If you require further assistance in relation to this, you can contact us on our helpline 01786 849777 or we have an free online retrospective course available which lasts no longer than an hour.