Important changes

28 November 2014

We have made a few important changes

Updates to the guidance for completing application forms 

Our written notes are now provided separately for applicants and signatories. We have tested these with enrolled organisations who believe them to be: simpler, shorter and clearer. 

Guidance notes
Application to join PVG Scheme Existing PVG Scheme members Police Act applications
Applicants Applicants Applicants
Signatories Signatories Signatories

We have also updated our video presentations.


New coversheets

When a signatory sends application forms to us, they must be accompanied by a coversheet. We have changed the format:

  • There is now one version
  • We require less information
  • Here's the new coversheet

NOTE: a signatory still needs to sign it!

Updates to the process for completing application forms

We are now asking signatories to complete the "Confirmation of Identity" section on the application forms (in Section E).