For enrolled organisations

Stay informed of the latest changes and help us to process your forms more efficiently

Latest changes

  • New coversheets are now available for download. These reflect important changes to the way disclosure forms are now completed. Written and video guidance has also been updated.
  • From the beginning of May 2015, we will stop accepting cheques as payment for disclosure applications.
  • The end of retrospective checking is only a few months away! You should soon have everyone who is doing regulated work, in the PVG Scheme.

Help us to help you

  • It takes on average 16 days longer to process an application if there is an error.
  • We find errors on 40% of the forms we receive, that's 5,000 errors over the last 7 months.   

Signatories, please help us to reduce error rates and speed up the processing of forms

What you can do

  1. Encourage those applying for disclosure checks to review the information for individuals
  2. Check forms before they are sent on
  3. Come to our free training events