Customer Survey

23 September 2015

We recently conducted an evaluation to give you, the customer the opportunity to highlight your views on the services you receive from Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services.

There were four main themes which arose from the evaluation were:

  • Disclosure
  • Communication
  • Enrolment & Assessment
  • Training & Support

We are committed to continually reviewing the service we provide and look forward to sharing these with you.

Thank you to everyone who completed this survey.

Some of the comments below.



“Communication is good and always helpful with clear guidance.”

“It’s great to receive an email to keep up to date.”

“Communication is excellent. If we need advice we phone and get it.”

“We find email bulletins/newsletters the best form of communication as they can be forwarded to all staff.”

“Didn’t know you have a Facebook page, will need to check it out.”


Enrolment Helpline

“Very effective and enrolment staff are more than helpful!”

“Staff very supportive and helpful, made the whole process easy.”

“Excellent service, efficient and very friendly, helpful customer focussed staff. The service has improved in the recent year.”

“Service was excellent and the person who took my call couldn’t have done more to accommodate my request. Very impressed!”

“Very satisfied with the process, it was well explained and not too technical.”


Operations  Helpline

“I feel that there has been a vast improvement in the service we receive in the past 6 to 12 months.”

“Very informative and when I call, I find them very helpful and polite.”

“The process is fine and staff are exceptionally helpful. This issue for me is my worry at getting it wrong.”

“It has been a learning curve. The recent changes are a great improvement. I know have the capacity to spot mistakes by applicants (e.g. reading a driving licence).”

“This and other tips that are now in the guidance make it easier for those completing forms.”

“I have nothing but praise as everything is explained in idiot form.”


Training & Compliance

“The website is extremely helpful in providing guidelines that I can give to our applicants and which can help me in checking the forms.”

“The training day was very helpful. Everyone I have spoken with have been very helpful and efficient.”

“Attended PVG & Signatory Training courses in Stirling. Excellent course and excellent trainer.”

“Course tutor Ann Ferguson was excellent, explaining what was required and why common mistakes are made.”

“The training course in Stirling was very useful and I feel much more confident about filling in the applicants as a result.”