Updates & Reminders from VSDS

12 September 2016


REMINDER: Retrospective Checking

You will be aware that in October 2012 Disclosure Scotland commenced the process of retrospectively checking individuals who were undertaking Regulated Work (in either a paid or voluntary role) prior to the introduction of PVG in February 2011.  This Retrospective check period ended on 29th October 2015. However, Disclosure Scotland have indicated that they continue to receive applications for PVG Membership that would suggest that some organisations have not yet completed this exercise.  If your organisation is still processing retrospective checks, please could you advise Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services at disclosures@volunteerscotland.org.uk of:

?   the number still to be completed

?   your plans for submitting the applications

?   the date by which you intend to have the exercise completed. Please ensure that the date is achievable.

Please note E1 on an Application to Join PVG Scheme form only needs to be crossed YES if they have been in post since before PVG went live on 28th February 2011 and this is their first PVG application for the relevant workforce with your organisation. E1 should be crossed as NO on the Application to Join PVG Scheme form if they have started in their role after 28th February 2011.

If you need any information or guidance Please contact the Compliance Team on 01786 849777, option 3.

UPDATE: Applicants Declaration Signature Date

When submitting application forms please ensure that application declaration signature date is within 6 months.  We cannot assume that the information provided on the form is up-to-date out with this time.  If you have any applications which are dated more than 6 months ago, please ask the applicant to amend and initial the signature date to confirm that the details on the form are still accurate.

Please note: Any applications which are dated more than 6 months ago may be returned to you.


Address History for students and those travelling

Previously applicants were able to submit applications where their ‘home/permanent’ address is in the current address field with the resident from date being the date they first moved into that property. The temporary accommodation was then completed in the additional address history fields with the temporary accommodation and the dates they moved into those addresses (which meant the address history was out of date order). Please can you ensure that all address history is in chronological order. The permanent/home address will now appear in between the temporary accommodation fields, this will show the correct dates of when the applicant resided in the different addresses.

An example of how address history should now appear on the form:

  1. Current home address with resident from date - 09/2016
  2. Term time address with resident from date - 07/2016
  3. Home address when not at school, college or university with resident from date - 02/2016
  4. Term time address with resident from date - 03/2015
  5. Home address when not at school, college or university with resident from date - 01/2014

See example below.


Data Cleanse Reminder

If you have not already done so please do your data cleanse.

And finally...

UPDATE: Coversheet

We have updated our coversheet – the latest version can be found here.